At MediSolutions, we provide simple, easy to use clinical management solutions, supported by great service.

We have been providing outstanding solution-based services to healthcare providers and patients since we launched our flagship product, MediScripts™ in 1981.  Since then, we have been the number one provider of prescription pads helping hundreds of thousands of practitioners prescribe simply and securely. Our prescriptions have always offered several non-copyable features, including tamper-resistance (since 2000) and Medicaid compliance (since 2008).

Today, as MediSolutions, we’re creating tools that help empower healthcare providers while delivering better, more efficient care using cutting-edge technology.  We work with practitioners, patients, and partners to help improve the quality and value of care. We’re committed to helping practitioners work as easily and efficiently as possible, and we deliver on that promise by providing measurable impact while constantly working to develop new and innovative tools to help our practitioners improve the quality and value of patient care.

Our Team of leaders, Innovators and Creators!

Brian Peet

Executive Vice President
Commercial Innovation

Joshua Lapsker

Founder & Chairman

Neil Keene

Chief Commercial Officer

Pam Johnson

Sales Liaison

Paul Jaffe

Business Development

Jeff Guerette

Business Development

Eileen Divers


Angela Bua

Executive Assistant

Volodymyr Marchylo

Software Engineer

Frank Filippelli

Creative Solutions Manager

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