How A Virtual Reality App Is Helping Scientists Diagnose Dementia

For dementia patients and their families, the crippling disease can take quite the toll. Sufferers can experience many different cognitive, behavioral, psychological and muscular changes that often come without warning. Proper diagnosis is so important but testing for any of the dementia diseases can be very grueling and very boring. There are tons of online and in office exams available but one virtual reality game is doing their part to make the process easier, and FUN. Sea Hero Quest VR is the first of its kind – a virtual reality gaming application designed to help scientists fight dementia diseases. The…

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Are You Ready to Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month? We Are!

Happy October!Can you believe how fast this year as flown by?Before you know it, the holidays will be here and we’ll be stuffing our faces full of delicious food – but before we are all hurrying to make our weight loss New Year’s resolutions, there’s another big health concern we should all be thinking of:BREAST CANCER.Recently, former Saturday Night Live and Seinfeld actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus revealed that she had been diagnosed with the disease and she took to social media to share her news with the world. As devastating as a breast cancer diagnosis can be, there is hope. Death…

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MediSolutions Chairman Joshua Lapsker has always been an innovator and entrepreneur. As a 12-year-old boy in his native Israel, he would take swims in the bay and collect logs that fell off cargo boats. He would then push the logs to shore to be sold to willing customers. Josh’s ambition only intensified as he grew older.In 1981, he took those same selling skills to the next level. Josh found a void in the healthcare industry that he was passionate on filling.  With the creation of secured prescription pads, which he deemed MediScripts - he was able to do just that.…

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