Every health provider is challenged with communicating many facets of information to patients, some of them mandated, some of them based on what the patient needs to improve their overall health condition.  When communicating this to patients, healthcare providers find that patients do not take action on the most important aspects to affect a positive change in their health.

Medisolutions is proud to provide a solution to help this communication between healthcare providers and patients in MediLifescripts.  Simple framed questions aligned to the patients needs.  Such as exercise, visiting a website to learn more, taking over the counter medications and reducing certain dietary items. All of this written on a LifeScript personalized pad, with the healthcare providers signature to focus the patient on the needed actions, and get rid of the noise of information that bombards the patient to the point of white noise.

For more information about prescription pads, memo pads or MediSolutions – our technological innovation division, please contact one of our experts today.

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