Since 1981, MediScripts™ has successfully provided the in-office, analog foundation and key resources for MediSolutions to develop, test and implement key components of technological innovation.

Physicians use our products every day – every third script written is on one of our branded prescription pads.

In addition to delivering tools that have proven and measurable impact, we generate significant incremental lift for our clients’ brands.

Here’s the kind of essential empowerment our customers have come to expect with our MediScripts™ products:

MediScripts™ Prescription Pads Value Proposition:

  • Tamper-resistant, counterfeit-resistant, and erase-resistant blue background enhanced with secure serialization and watermark
  • Compliant with both federal and state regulations
  • Unique Tracing Identification Number, thermochromic-approved state seal and barcoded scripts and state-approved uniform prescription pads
  • Identified as a best practice by the NCPDP Focus Group on tamper-resistant prescription pads

For more information about prescription pads, memo pads or MediSolutions – our technological innovation division, please contact one of our experts today.

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