President Brian Peet discusses better patient outcomes with VR & AR in healthcare.

President Brian Peet was recently interviewed for a podcast by Relentless Health Value. He discusses improved patient outcomes with new technologies such as VR & AR, how they are being used in multi-disciplinary forms and what the industry can expect going forward. Host Stacy Richter touched on patient retention levels after a bad diagnosis, provider engagement levels and how that impacts patients.  Tune in to find how MediSolutions is helping to change medical education using its MediVRx virtual reality platform with realtime data that verifies understanding. Click here to listen.

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Virtual Reality at the NY Auto Show

We in the healthcare industry have lots of concepts and ideas, and no one knows the science better than us.  But, when it comes to technology we tend to lag behind the innovators. This is primarily because the patients we treat require a level of scientific rigor not needed in the fast pace of consumer technology.  Despite the challenges with delivery and proof of concept to utilization, we do have the great benefit of learning from other industries using innovative technology.This past weekend I took such an opportunity and attended the New York International Auto Show  It was really with…

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How A Virtual Reality App Is Helping Scientists Diagnose Dementia

For dementia patients and their families, the crippling disease can take quite the toll. Sufferers can experience many different cognitive, behavioral, psychological and muscular changes that often come without warning. Proper diagnosis is so important but testing for any of the dementia diseases can be very grueling and very boring. There are tons of online and in office exams available but one virtual reality game is doing their part to make the process easier, and FUN. Sea Hero Quest VR is the first of its kind – a virtual reality gaming application designed to help scientists fight dementia diseases. The…

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